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We're a small, family owned and operated business, making mid-Michigan comfortable since 1995. Meet our team!

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Spray foam insulation, Blown in cellulose walls and attic insulation, crawl spaces, basements, new construction and sound control

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We offer honest and reliable work, but don't just take our word! Read reviews by our previous customers, like us on Facebook, and get info on energy rebates and tax credits.

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Do you have a cold room or a room with a cold floor? Are you building your dream home? Do you want to upgrade your insulation and save money on your energy bill?

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What's the deal with spray foam?

Closed-cell Spray Foam

Adheres to concrete, wood, and steel. No shrinkage or cracking. No formaldehyde or carcinogens.

Best insulator on the market

Offers the highest R-value per inch. Reduces energy use by up to 50%, it's the biggest bang for your buck in home improvement!

Add strength to your Structure

Air barrier, vapor retarder and a radon barrier, it also reduces airborne dust and prevents pest infiltration.

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Building a new home? Send a message and we'll contact you with more info.

Your free quote includes an in home inspection by owner, Ken Church. He'll assess your current insulation, answer all your questions, and give you his recommendations. Then you'll receive a written estimate for spray foam insulation, attic insulation, or whatever fits your needs.

We consistently stay about 8-10 weeks out on install. During the busy season, it can get up to 14 weeks out. Please give us 2 weeks for bids from prints and at least 6-8 weeks notice on install of new construction.


4215 Quick Road, Holly, MI 48442

(248) 634-7896